This can tell a short story about how INNOVA is the sum total of its different parts. We can use some of the designs from Jim that can help illustrate the simple, delicate, pure and yet seemingly complex nature of our integrated and intentional union or combination. A merger that will offer our clients the best experts for architectural style, creative engineering, efficient planning and effective design. Our approach itself can be unique and global.

This content needs to support the brand position that puts INNOVA on the bleeding edge of being the credible authority when it come to zero carbon footprint expertise or carbon neutrality. We can elaborate how Jim and Paul have led in sustainability and  innovation from their prior lives building AHBL and influencing the direction of BCRA without being too direct. A subtle approach in language is ideal.  Example / article


carbon neutrality

practical innovation

Elaborate the decades of experience based on older portfolios that will be featured with text ONLY as much as possible, to leave out the dated images. We use current ORB projects and images. Goal is to partner with other smaller agencies in Europe who have current sustainable designs that offer design variations for more durable designs and technically
advanced solutions. 


We lead with our two senior housing projects that are still in Kona, Hawaii in the active design phase. We follow-up and support our experiences with the grand scope of those projects by listing the government / department of defense projects mentioned in section H of the last two SF 330s. Basically leveraging ORB's portfolio that is more current and emphasizing the SCOPE and total value in millions of dollars.


Here we can list the work that is relevant using the Polk and ORB portfolio, but keeping imagery to a minimum unless it is reasonably current. This will leverage our unique, classic or traditional approach to architectural design, engineering, and planning, that follows a methodical process. Goal - rebuild a portfolio based on Jim's areas of expertise with an emphasis on building smart and living structures that go BEYOND LEED in terms of sustainability. 


Here we can show some of our brand characteristics. Our willingness to network and partner with firms on different continents to increase our knowledge-base and understanding of new trends, technologies, practices, etc. It also opens the door to increasing the probability that we expand our opportunities to attract foreign clients who wish to establish a presence in the USA with a distribution warehouses or manufacturing plants.


This site will focus on PUBLIC projects. Municiple, City, County, State to Federal. It will include Government and DoD. We will leverage projects from ORB and INNOVA Industrial. This will be process based with a methodical approach. Messaging will differentiate and position us as a very cutting-edge and innovative leader, in our 6th year of operation, with highly experienced leadership. We hire and team only with the best in the PNW and will seek strategic partners for cooperative collaboration that adds value to the client and project.