Working with developers our practical realism, responsiveness and timely communication, plus focus on the bottom-line is key in helping to make projects work efficiently. Plus, as a proactive team member the value engineering ideas we bring to the table throughout the project life-cycle always provides a better return for our clients. It is indicative of our cooperative and collaborative approach that help our clients make informed business decisions.

When working with government agencies our methodical approach, understanding of conceptual development, using an integrated design process. Our approach is strategic, analytical, and technical. It provides sound data to enhance the design and development process and implement execution across the entire architectural, engineering, design, construction and planning landscape. INNOVA diligently uses a proven and systematic project management approach with a keen understand about all products and materials for new and existing buildings.

Businesses and government agencies face increasingly tough decisions as they tackle budgets alongside LEED sustainability, carbon footprint mandates, managing the schedule and the potential for change orders.

INNOVA’s expertise in architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning and design equips our clients to make better choices and business decisions.

public and private sector expertise

value engineering

structural expertise

INNOVA has a dedicated team of LEED, carbon and sustainability professionals. With a cradle to cradle approach, we bring clarity to the issues and help clients measure and manage the risks and reward opportunities it presents.

innovative solutions

Our civil engineering specialists use hands-on experience to identify and deliver real-world savings. Working with each client and their unique situation we pair energy-efficiency recommendations with their associated costs and projected return on investment.

collaborative approach

The client chooses the option(s) that make business sense and INNOVA manages their implementation. The result: a positive outcome and no surprised with cost savings, maximum energy efficiency solutions that pay for itself within a reasonable timeframe.

plan your next project

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